“It's easy to have a complicated idea. It's very hard to have a simple idea.” —Carver Mead

Hi, and welcome to my personal page. I am Ludwig Schreier, a Physical Engineer (Computational Physics) and Project Management Professional with over 10 years excellence in industrial research and development. I contribute and work for OEMs and Tier suppliers in Automotive and Semiconductor industry.
My core competencies include Computer and Software Engineering Management, especially Requirements Engineering, Architecture and Design, MBSE, Autonomous Systems (Radar, Lidar, Camera and Fusion), Automotive Project/Program Management and Consulting, Team/Group Leadership and People Mentoring/Coaching/Inspiration. I consider myself a Generalist with individual domain expertise. I love working with teams, usually 2-4 persons, which is most productive. I train and mentor people, provide peer coaching.
My goals include personal excellence, organizational leadership, and inspirational difference making. The three, I hope to accomplish with energy, integrity and intelligence. I love working with hungry wolves, like technical innovations and work strongly on my communication and soft skills including empathy, assertiveness, creativity and productivity. I speak German and English.

Current research (private/SRC)

I currently study and work with Autonomous Intelligent Systems (Vehicles) and ask questions of Technology (Software-Hardware), Frameworks, Architecture and Design, Ethics. I am not good at building robots; just another perspective and angle of understanding as systems experience a dramatic addon of intelligence over the next decade.
Technically I have extensive knowledge of embedded and high-performance computation. I worked with algorithms and computer optimization, including GPU-based computation, which was part of my thesis in 2009 (Simulation of block-copolymer nanostructures - with results presented at NVIDIA GTC 2009). Time-critical systems, e.g. ECU microcontroller safety (ISO 26262) and architectural aspects.

Past research includes (selection only):

Current and past projects (employed)

I am currently working for CMORE Automotive GmbH, which is an engineering service company specialist for AV/AD and host to many of the projects I performed on. Please get in touch if you want to learn more about the company, it's services, or offerings.

This is just a selection. The detailed documentation is part of the CV. All projects are run Agile or Waterfall, or both, which is hell.

Education and certifications

Interests and personal

I am a member of IEEE and PMI, USA. I regularly visit or speak on conferences, go to meetups and have and foster a large network of people. Please ask for contributions or if I can help you in any way.
Publications (I have a few) can be found on ResearchGate or LinkedIn (I have Author status). I read and own thousands of books, technical and business/leadership - ask if you need a recommendation. I try my best at digital photography. I come from Lindau, Bodensee, a beautiful place in the very South of Germany. Finally, I am a very proud dad of two bilingual kids, love my family and feel indefinitely grateful for their patience with me. Everything I have seen, have done, everything I am, it always feels like standing on the shoulders of giants.■