Ludwig is a senior engineering and R&D expert with over 10+ years excellence in industrial projects and programs. He is a very curious person, a team player with leadership and coaching capabilities. His technical knowledge comprises complex physics, such as modeling of algorithms, and on the other side a full-cycle software and systems engineering understanding. He worked exclusively with OEMs and Tier suppliers in multi-million Euro projects or programs in the past. Ludwig is certified as European Engineer and since 2015 as Project Management Professional with expertise in business strategy, leadership and management. He works with agile methodology since many years and is representative or speaker person for technical expert subjects on conferences. His specific expertise comprises of requirements engineering/MBSE in the field of electric and autonomous vehicles/advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). He is expert in various ISO norms and OEM specifications. Ludwig has a large network of experts and friends: online with followers on LinkedIn or Twitter and offline across company domains and beyond. He acts as visionary thought leader and inspirational source to people. Ludwig speaks German and business English thanks to UK/US visits and family relations. Innovation and technology drives him; he is a very open minded person always looking for challenges and seeks to thrive daily. Success to Ludwig means having made a difference, having given the best, and being reflective and fast learning from mistakes. After many years in business, he developed bold leadership and people skills that allow him to interact with international cultures, communicate effectively and to get things done. His personal interests include Photography, Sports, Qigong, Reading and Financial Markets and Insights.

Work projects

Ludwig is currently working for CMORE Automotive GmbH, Germany, which is an engineering service company founded in 2011. The company provides a wide range of expert-services, including Automotive Embedded Software, Autonomous Vehicle Technology, Project Management etc.

The following is a list of recent activities:

Independent research

Ludwig currently researches Autonomous Intelligent Systems, asking questions of Technology (Software-Hardware), Frameworks, Architecture, Design, Requirements and Ethics.

Current research:

Past research (selection):